Friday, March 24, 2006

To My:

Tremendously talented, totally trustworthy,

Elaborately exuberant, expressively excited,

Amazingly amusing, abundantly adept,

Magnificently merciful, majestically made

God loving, God fearing, God Serving


Thank you for your encouragement, grace and love.

"Love you!~mean it!"

I just discovered I can change the color of the text and the style of the letters! How exciting is that!! So throughout this entry will get to see the variations of color. Yellow is hard to see so I will change it. Much better. Ok some real content now...Or maybe not...
  • yeah! Bullets are fun. Sort of like saying "Francisco"
  • Or like saying "Mufasa, Mufasa, Mufasa"
  1. Now for Numbers: I love numbers and I just got a math puzzle book!!! Thanks mom!
  2. If I could be a number I would be the number 24...Not really sure as to the reasoning behind that but I have always liked that number.

Alright back to the real content: So today I have been thinking a lot (yes that could be a shock after reading what is above, but I was deep in thought today) about really knowing who I am...I have been reading a book and today the part I read challenged me to think about desires. As I read the chapter I kept thinking what are my desires? Where are the true passions of my heart?

It has been hard in some aspects to really think about my desires especially when it comes to more specific things in my life. It is easy for me to say my passion is for God and I desire to serve him through ministry by sharing the gospel with those around me. But to think more about how God made me and the very unique desires he has given me has been more difficult, yet it is fun to think about as it makes me see more of the amazing-ness of God because he created each of us so differently with a variety desires, gifts and passions.

Take my breath away...
So I love nature and photography. Just this last week we finally put of some pictures in our living room that we had on a desk for the last few months...Nevertheless they are up!! Looking at the pictures is a stress reliever, I am drawn and captivated by them...they can even take my breath away...I don't really know how else to explain the way nature or pictures of nature soothe my soul...To me God's creation is, just that, his wonderful creation that tells of his wonder. When I see beauty around me it causes me to be in awe of God. I mean if something is that beautiful on earth how much greater is God's...Truly his beauty is inexpressible...If anything seeing God's creation makes me want to rise up and praise him! To the left is one of the pictures on our wall...I hope it makes you think about the power, sovereignty, beauty and greatness of God as it did for me.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

RIBBit RIbbit...That is the sound a frog makes before it ends up on the menu at a really nice restaurant...Sadly the only sound the frog made at dinner was CROAK! Last night at dinner Matt (visiting from MSU) order an appetizer of frog legs...And I tried some!! Not to sound like the cliche, but frog does have chicken like qualities...It tastes similar although you have to also add to the mixture a fishiness, and the consistency is also like chicken...But none the less I have decided that Frog tastes like Frog, although I would have to try other frogs to really compare, but from my limited knowledge in the culinary world, I have determined that frog is good, but I would not make a meal of it..

Today was a good day, I went over to the sery's apartment and just had a day with the Lord. It was refreshing and I feel like many of my sorrows and burdens have been lifted...I am sure that it is of course connected with looking into the face of God and being filled with his light, rather than looking inside of myself, seeing my sin and reflecting darkness...
The day began with giving thanks to God and praising him. After writing down things, rather mostly people I was thankful for I couldn't help, but sing to the Lord...I haven't done that in a while...What a joy it is to my heart to be able to lift my voice up as loud as I want and sing to my great king!!! Seriously, I had forgotten how much that alone brings restoration to my soul. So combining singing with thanksgiving I just realized how much God loves me and cares for me...It brings tears to my eyes to really think about what He did for me when I have nothing to offer or give back to him...
Next was time for confession and it seems to be a theme in the last few weeks of my life to be reminded that I am not condemned, but that I am free. However today it just hit me...I am FREE!!! God did not give me His Spirit to condemn me rather to bring me into confession so that I could be freed from sin...Additionally I was reading last night how I am a bond servant to Christ...Meaning it is no longer I who Lives, but Christ who Lives in me...I am God's servant... I am his and he can do with me what he wants...
The third part of the day was about reading God's word and being penetrated with his Truth...I feel God wanted this time to just remained me to have faith and to come to him and listen to him so that I might live...
Lastly was a time to bring before God decisions or rather a time to discern God's will... I am at peace, but I am not announcing any decision just yet...

Friday, March 17, 2006

I took this picture when we are hiking up to the waterfall in Bohinj...All around us there were trees and was so easy to get entranced by everything and just to focus on what was surrounding me...then I looked up and saw the beautiful blue sky with the white clouds and was that ever amazing...
I had forgotten about this picture until I saw it on Taylor's computer...and it reminded me that I need to look up...not at the clouds and sky, but to God. I have allowed my life to be consumed by every little thing around me, but God just wants me to focus my eyes on him...

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Wickedness defines my soul. The sinful nature taking hold. Darkness around me as a haze. As I crawl through this desecrated maze. Jagged rocks entangle my feet, rest assured my body is meek. Falling, tumbling to the ground. Stumbling, bruised, scorned, shamed, bloody, exposed and a heart drenched with pain. As tears trickle down my face like a soft acid rain....
...Repent, Oh my daughter!! Fall to your knees. Trust that I love you, listen to ME. Hear the words I whisper, the song that I sing:
Repent and see Freedom. Live and Rejoice
Love and Be Lifted, Worship with your voice
Dance in my presence, adorn MY throne with Praise
Give your life for service, Fall on your knees to pray
Christ has set you Free so walk in HIS victory!
Look up from your broken Shadows, see MY glorious Light!
I LOVE you my child, you ARE my delight.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I have decided that writing blogs is hard...the time it takes...and it is challenging to keep up with the "Jones" so to speak...I know that I hardly ever write anything so I am sorry for those of you who check on my blog every now and then and never find anything new...
So anyway...I am suppose to write about how life is going according to my brother, so I will try...Currently we are getting ready to show a film about skiing and snowboarders...that will happen tonight actually...It should be a great way to meet more students here in Rijeka...
Umm...nothing exciting has really happened so there is little else that I have to say...

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Hi everyone...I know, I know it has been a while...Almost a month, I will have to try harder to keep this updated so thanks for bearing with me. Here are some pictures from Karneval. It is the third largest in Europe and it happens right here in Rijeka!