Saturday, July 28, 2007


Each moment comes calling, echoing down from heaven; softly it falls to this earth whispering come. Come to the waters and drink. Refresh thy soul; fill thy heart with joy that peace may overflow.

Yet each moment offers emotions tossing as the wind; either tears of sorrow or tears of joy, but faithfully still in that place a gentle voice is heard. Come to the waters and drink. Refresh thy soul; fill thy heart with joy that peace may overflow.

Oh Lord in each moment wash over my heart, let your voice be heard in the midst of both my joy and pain, let not the silence overwhelm my soul. I come to the waters to drink, to refresh my soul, to fill my heart with joy that peace may overflow.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Road Trip Destination: Kentucky

Day One July 14:

On the bright, sunny, hot day of July 14th; JoAnna and I set off on our adventure today of trekking across 2,300 miles of land to my new place of residence: Florence, KY.
We started of Right with a slight delay leaving at 11:30 am rather than my projected 10am, but who is counting. Once we were on the road passing all of the beautiful scenery Nevada has to offer: sagebrush, road Kill, and the desert dirt. About lunch time we stopped in the lovely city/town of lovelock...back on the road we continued to see road kill it was really gross: deer, squirrels, foxes, and some I couldn't even tell what they were...Moving on we then came to Utah where what little greenery there is turns into a white wasteland of sulfur smelling salt...That night we retired to our rooms after a quick dip in the hot would have been better if the hot tub was cold....

Day two July 15

Uneventful...more road kill...oh in Wyoming there are strange wooden structures that are placed in random places along the road and we could not figure out why they are there. At first we were thinking they were wind blocks, then maybe they were made for snow banks; we never did find an answer so it will remain an unsolved mystery. We did see live animals as well cows, a buffalo and antelope (aka waterless beavers: long story)...One Amazing thing was crossing from WY to CO because the scenery change almost instantly to trees and huge rocks.

Day 3 July 16

A Rest from Driving!!! JoAnna and I stayed in Fort Collins, CO for a day to rest. We also had the opportunity to see lots of friends on Staff with CCC who where at a conference there in the city!! So that was an exciting day!

Day 4 July 17

Back on the road again! Today we drove through the rest of WY and all the way through Nebraska...At lunch we stopped in a little place called Sydney and I filled the car up with some more gas, but not all the way because apparently it was the most expensive place in the US at $3.78 a gallon!!! Ouch!!!
Other than that we saw lots of Corn fields!! Which seemed to follow us all the way down to KY...At dinner time we stopped in Omaha to meet up with JoAnna's dad (who was there on business)...He took us out to a great restaurant! Then we continued on to Des Monies...At the hotel the room was HOT!!!! so we made a tent out of the sheet, moved the bed and blasted the air on us all night! It worked out nicely :-)

Day 5 July 18

It is the finial push to KY today. We continued to pass lots of corn fields and well nothing else oh there was some rain, not much...Then about an hour and a half before we would be in Florence my car (aka Berniqua) had a melt down and decided to over heat, luckily we were at a gas station and a nice family helped us access the car. I put more oil in and we continued the journey without the air on, of course and made it to Brianna's apt with thunderous applause from the sky!!

Friday, July 06, 2007

For the last week I have gone from Corvallis, OR to Fullerton, CA
In two days I traveled in a car for 20hours, but it was worth it.
I was able to see my grandparents, my aunt and my great aunt.
Now I have returned to Reno for a short time before heading off to KY.
So here is a picture of Reno

The weather here is HOT and DRY, although today we have some cloud coverage!