Saturday, February 07, 2009

Two Become One
December 20th, 2008

This December I became a Moore!!!
I can hardly believe I am married now.
It is such a Blessing and joy to have Devin in my life!!

A little background:
Devin and I met online June 16th
After the first date I was confident I would marry him.
Devin said on our third date (which was at his softball game) he knew too.
Six months and four days later we were saying “I Do.”

Wedding Day:

The day was beautiful! The sun was shinning (which was the only sunny day the entire time we were in Reno) and it warmed up enough for Devin and I to take pictures outside without freezing! I got up around 8am to get ready. Mike and Ali came over to the house to do my hair and make-up, which turned out beautiful.

At noon we were all dressed for pictures at the reception site. We started the ceremony at two. The whole day was as beautiful as I felt. Devin and I took communion, during which our song we wrote was sung by some friends of the family. It was beautiful!

The reception was wonderful; we danced, ate awesome food and cut the cake. One of the best parts was showing Devin the surprise video our home church made for him since no one was able to come to the wedding…He loved it! This day was all I could ask for. We were so blessed by everyone there. My mom did a wonderful job getting everything together. Thanks Mom!!! We loved it!!!


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