Friday, December 15, 2006

Storm in December:
If you have not heard last night in the state of OR there was a major storm. In some areas the wind reached 97mph and on one of the Mt. There was a gust up to 114mph!
Because of all the wind and rain trees fell down and it caused power outages.
Our power went out at 6:25 ish PM and after a few hours we decided to go over to a friends house to play board games until the lights came back on. It was fun we played cranium by candle and fire light. We left there around midnight...As we drove home we realized the power in our area had not come on yet! Then when we pulled into our driveway and saw the tree below.

This was the tree in our neighbors yard: (Pic was taken at 12am)

Because there was no power to cook anything we improvised by using our candles to cook a dinner of marshmallows and tortillas...

The power finally came on at 5:45AM (About 11hrs with no power)
Today the sun is shining!!! Yeah for the sun!

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Latin Explosion at platinum:

Last night I went dancing with two of my roommates: Kristin and Lyndsay.
We danced part of the night away (we came home around 2am). Although after last night I have decided that I need to take some lessons here in Corvallis to learn the salsa...Or just move to a south American country purely to learn how to dance. :-)

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Old news:
Last weekend I went to two weddings one on Friday and the other on Saturday:
On Friday night at 6pm Jason and Reane (both are on my staff team) were married in Boring, OR. The wedding was beautiful, elegant and large (in my estimation) about 300 people came.

On Saturday afternoon at 4pm Brent (the Campus Director) and Lindsey were married in Centralia, WA. Their wedding was very nice and then they had a mad dance party afterward.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

In Remembrance of
Katie Walsh

Dec 21, 1978 ~ Dec 3, 2005