Saturday, February 07, 2009


I turned 26 at the start of this year. The last six and a half months have been a season of many new and exciting things. I got married, had my first Christmas with my husband and now my first birthday with the man of my dreams!! Devin is amazingly romantic!! For my Birthday he planned out whole bunch of different surprises!!

My Awesome day:

Devin told me the day before I would be dressing up and that I could sleep in so this is what I did for my birthday:

  • Slept In!!!
  • Got dressed up
  • We got a little food from Wendy’s because I was hungry and it would be a little while before dinner.
  • Drove to the Creation Museum and went to the planetarium. (I loved it, I’ve always loved stars…it makes me think about the greatness of our GOD)
  • Dinner at Carrabas!! (I had Chicken, Mashed Potatoes and Green Beans with almonds…Amazing!!!)
  • Movie: we saw Marley and Me (Definitely a must own when it comes out)
  • Back Home, I journaled while Devin set up the bedroom.
  • He brought me in with my eyes closed and when I opened them I saw a “Happy Birthday Michelle” sign on the wall, a chocolate cake all lit up, flowers in my “Mrs.” cup, and champagne glasses for our bubbly apple cider.
  • Devin also gave me a card and five movies!!

Day two: This was going to be the first event of the day yesterday, but it was closed so Devin extended my B-day one more day ;-)

  • We went Go-Cart Racing at an indoor track!! I lost, which is not a surprise, but we had a great time!

Reception in KY

On Saturday January 17th we had our reception at the church. We had a great time and it was wonderful to share our wedding day with all of Devin’s close friends. We showed the video of the wedding. Devin’s foster parents also came and they brought baby pictures of him!! I loved meeting Bill and Rosalyn they are a wonderful couple!!

New Name

I am helping at church with a Valentine’s tea for the ladies; so on Sunday I was given a paper listing the vision for the tea as well as all the jobs people had. As I scanned the paper I was looking for my name, nope I didn’t see it. I scanned again; then it dawned on me, Oh wait, Michelle Moore, that is me!!! I thought it was funny, still learning who I am ;-)

Snowstorm Jan 09

Today is my second day home. Yesterday we got snow, ice, freezing rain…and so work was closed. This morning I tried to go, but my car is stuck in a groove of ice…So here I am writing blogs. It is strange how I like having an extra day, but at the same time feel guilt because I needed to be at work. I wrestle with these feelings of happiness and guilt, but come up with little absolute peace. We are going to try to get me out again later on so I can go back tomorrow…so in the meantime I will choose to enjoy the day and continue to write, clean and get things done…


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