Saturday, February 17, 2007

Planning: Numerous Hours
Advertising: Hundreds of dollars
Speaker: Thousands of dollars

1,100 Students coming to an event about the effects of Pornography,
800 staying to hear the Gospel
15 making a decision for Christ

On Thursday we held an event on campus called Porn Nation. The Speaker Michael Leahy is a former porn addict who for the last 3 years has been going on college campus tours to talk to students about the effect pornography has on our relationships with one another and on how we think. Following an intermission (where he gives the option for students to stay or leave) he talks about how God saved him out of his addiction. Then there was a question and answer time. Hear as some pictures from the event.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Last weekend We were on our annual Winter Retreat:

The weekend was crazy! Lack of sleep was the name of the game. We got to Sisters on Friday night after shopping and having our weekly staff meeting. That night was packed: registration for 130 ish students, the speaker and then Bunko. We ended the activities around midnight...

The next day we had a brunch, worship/teaching time, a Staff Hunt, Followed by free time, dinner, teaching time, men and women's time then hangout time. Also ending near midnight.

Sunday we were all up by 6am because we were staying at a church so we had to be gone no later than 8 am with everything cleaned...

After coming back and talking with students I would say the Winter retreat was a success as they were challenged spiritually and they formed new relationships...Here are some pics...


The deep longing of the soul wants to be enough
It is ever in wanting for the image of perfection
Yet, at the time of conception it was stained, lost and filled with darkness
What hope is there for this wretched soul?

Heart Claimed
Renewed to light
Introduced as the Bride
Sealed for all eternity
Taken as his redeemed

Perfection in His blood covers this soul of death
Now complete, from the light in Thee
Thank You
Oh Savior and King