Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Ultimate Rush

On Sunday Annie, Jason and I went on the Ultimate Rush, which is a giant swing!! It was really fun, even though it was cold and our hands were frozen after flying in the air. Here are some Pictures.

Saturday, December 29, 2007


On Saturday Night we had Birthday Dinner for me and then we (Jason, Annie, JoAnna, Teresa, Christy, Jennifer and I) went bowling. The first Game I was able to pull off a high score of 126!! The second game was an 85 :-) Oh well. Annie did really well the second game beating all of us with a high score of 162!! She is Amazing!

The Best part about bowling : The Shoes!!!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas!
Wow it is hard to believe that Christmas has come and gone already. How quickly this year has flown by . My Christmas was fun, I had the wonderful pleasure of flying home on the 24th. My family and I went to the Christmas eve service, then I came home and crashed because I was up at 4:30 am KY time. At midnight we sang happy birthday to my Grandma. On Christmas we had breakfast then waited for my aunt to fly in. Once she got to our house we opened presents. The day was relaxing. Dinner was amazing my sister made my grandma chicken cord on blue and twice backed potatoes. At dinner grandma shared some of her memories growing up that was so much fun to hear. After that I went to bed...It was a wonderful day!

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Cars need Gas!!??

So I learned today that E does not mean 50 extra miles.

Last night I was on my way to the gas station when suddenly the car would not continue to go. The battery light went on, so being the car buff that I am I figure my problem was the battery and had nothing to do with that fact I had no gas. Luckily the car stopped in a good location, so I just put the flashers on and called one of my friends, Ryan, Who was actually not at work, Praise the Lord because I would not have know what to do as it was completely dark. Anyway He tried to jump my car, but of course without gas nothing works. Ryan then noticed the meter line pointing to E.

R: "Do you think your car is out of Gas?"
M: "Humm. Well that could be, I was pushing it to the limit and the gas gage was on E yesterday."
R: "Well Lets get gas and see if that works."
M: "OK"

Ryan happened to have a gas can in his vehicle because two weeks ago he too ran out of gas...We went to the gas station only two more miles away and got some....
Magically after putting fuel into my car it worked!! Who knew that was how the whole system works!!! :-)

Lesson Learned: E actually means 47 extra miles not 50.