Sunday, May 25, 2008

Wow it has been one month since I last blogged!! Sorry for the absents it was by all means unintentional...Hey bigs your not doing your job of keeping me accountable to writing!!! Anyway to up date on life. I have moved and settled in to my new place...I love it! Last week JoAnna came to see me and we had a whirlwind week. Small group finished up for the summer this last Wednesday night. I joined a running group and ran my first 5k on Saturday!! It was so much fun, yes that is right I just put fun in the same sentence as run...I am weird I guess, but I think everyone knew that already....Now as I write this I am questioning where did the month go??? I can't believe it is memorial weekend and summer is almost here.

My Memorial weekend thus far:

~Saw Indiana Jones
~Ran a 5k
~Went to a minor league baseball game
~bought a cute dress
~Went to church (very good sermon)
~Took a nap
~Shopping at the grocery store (I guess food is a good thing to have every now and then)
~Thinking about what I want to do tomorrow (Yeah NO WORK!!!!)