Monday, March 19, 2007

Costa Rica Here I come!
On Wednesday I will on a Plane going to Costa Rica!!
There will be about 20 of us staff and students going there to
help Kick off the school year! It will be exciting to see what God will
do this next week there.
Please pray for travel mercies, the staff and students (for courage and boldness)
and for all the students in Costa Rica we will meet and share the gospel with.
May God be opening their hearts and calling them unto himself this week.

Seattle Rain


Seattle Rain

(This is not Seattle, but there is rain :-) and I like the Picture)

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The Beauty of God

I apologize for the lack of post in the recent weeks, Somehow times has gotten away from me. So I thought I would put up some pictures from my day with the Lord. It was awesome! Especially because it was sunny most of the time I was there! Thanks God!
It was so great to just take time to spend with God at my favorite place to be: the beach. The day was refreshing and I was able to read, journal and take pictures all while meeting God! I love it, God is so good to me!

I went to Texas last week to check out Dallas Theological Seminary.
So here are some pictures.
I am applying to go there this fall.