Friday, July 14, 2006

Released to Praise

Captive to Sin
Bound to Chains

Ashamed by Defeat
Anguished by a war torn Soul

Depleted in a desert
Crumbling in a valley

Eyes stained with tears
A heart stained with darkness

Stumbling, Falling, Crawling
Broken, Desperate, Grief-stricken

A spirit of death and despair

Then God Heard my Cry!

Captive to Righteousness
Bound to Christ
I stand in Freedom

Esteemed by Unfailing Love
Surrounded by Grace
I Stand un-condemned

Overflowing with living water
Rebuilt with Truth
I stand in Victory

Eyes stained with joy
A heart stained with glorious light
I Stand confident

Rejoicing, Running, Restored
Renewed, Redeemed, Rescued

A Spirit of Life and Hope

For the Display of His Splendor!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Great is OUR God!

Words cannot capture the beauty of God's unfailing Love, nor could they ever show the depth of Praise I wish to express to Him...

God you are my God and I will forever Praise you alone, for you are:
The One and only
The Great I am
The Alph and Omega
My Comfort
My Joy
My Peace

I give Praise and thanks to you Lord, for you:
Poured out the blood of your very Son to save me
You pierced him for my transgressions
You crushed him for my iniquities
You caused him to suffer
You took His life as a guilt offering
I would could Live!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Apartment Pictures
I know that these are long over due as we have now been in our new apt for a little over a month. This Place is truly a gift from God!

Taylor's Room



Alexis' Room

Living Room and the Kitchen/dining Area

My Room (It is great for singing in because it echoes :-)

Hair Cut!

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Today I was looking through my journals from briefing in CO last summer...I am always amazed by God whenever I read my journals because I realize how faithful he is to me and at times how much he reveals to my heart before I proceed to a new place...Not that I know what it will be like, but rather He gives assurance He will be there with me even if it is going to be difficult...

One thing that hit me though was a sadness as well as a feeling of loss and some of regret...Not for what God has done, but over what I have not done...Granted as people we are not perfect so failure is inevitable...but as I look at my pages of writing, most of it prayers or bible verses that spoke to me at the time, I also see promptings from God; unfortunately many I did not follow through with...

Lord I confess to you all the times I walked in disobedience, all the times I was unfaithful to your calling, all the risks I didn't take...

Oh Lord, thank you for you unfailing love: a love that is outside of conditions and humanity, a love that is pure, kind, full of life and hope and redemption!

Father purify my heart within, sanctify me, place in my soul a longing to do your will alone, you alone are able, for out of my humanity I am nothing and I can do nothing to overcome...Come in my heart drill out the dark decay of my old self, make a new a heart bright red vibrantly overflowing with springs of life!