Saturday, December 31, 2005

New Years
So do you ever wonder why we as humans sing or celebrate things the way we do. For example every year on new years the song "Should all the Quittance..." pops into my mind, but why? I don't even know all the words or what the song is really even about.... or why is that New years is a great time for resolutions, it is as if by saying I will ____ (you fill in the blank) at the beginning of the year will magically make that ______ happen. Truthfully I think it is just another ploy for people to procrastinate making changes (and I am a champion at procrastination, if there were medals I would have the gold)...For years, I too, have been one of the many making resolutions such as I will exercise more, eat less chocolate and that lasts for about maybe one week, for the exercise, and maybe one hour with the chocolate. (I love chocolate!) And yes once I fail I usually say well there is always next year...and we all know what that means...This year however is different. I am not going to make resolutions because I don't need to wait for the New Year to make changes; rather God is making changes daily in my heart.
Over the last year I have experienced God in ways I an not comprehend. He is amazing and if there is one thing you want to resolve this year it needs to be your finial destination after death. God Loves you and desperately wants you to be His and spend eternity with him in heaven. He loves you so much that he sent his Son to die. If you have seen Chronicles of Narnia, think about the sacrifice Aslan made, only make it a million times greater. Christ laid his life down on his own accord for your sins because of his great love for you. All you have to do is accept the gift he offers to you. What is the gift? Forgiveness of your sins, Eternal Life with God in heaven and the gift of the Holy Spirit while you are here on earth. Why do you need this? We are all sinners and in the bible it says that we must be judged, punished and pay the penalty of our sins because God is holy and perfect. This payment is eternal separation (death) from God in Hell. Yet, God is merciful and wants you to know him personally so he sent his One and only son to die on the cross as a substitute for your sins. Christ became your payment on the cross so that you may go free and spend eternity with God. All you have to do is ACCEPT that gift. Just pray to God: say Lord I know I am a sinner, I deserve to be punished for my sins. Thank you for giving your Son to die on the cross for my sin and for forgiving me. I receive by faith that Jesus paid the penalty for my sins and I ask that he would come into my life right now. If you do anything this year, change your destination for all of eternity, not only will you have a hope and a future in the presence of God, you have a life with a purpose. God has a purpose and plan for you. Will you accept Him?

Monday, December 05, 2005

December 5th

The Purpose of Life...

Over the last few days I have been really thinking about life and what the purpose is...For me if I was asked this question last week I would have said a pat answer such as I am here to serve and follow after God, but now I think it is more than that...On Saturday an aquatance of mine, staying in our apartment for the week on a visit, from the university of Montana, died from complications with an affection she had...Although I know she is in heaven with Christ and lived her life for God it really makes me think about what it really means to live for Christ.
Paul said that he only wanted to live to run the race that the Lord Jesus had placed in front of Him. In all of the four gospels it talks about following Christ and taking up the Cross, yet one of the points seems to be missing in my life...Each time it is mentioned to follow Christ there is a key point right before it calling each believer to deny self. But What does that mean pratically speaking? Do I walk around all day saying no to everything presented to be because I am "denying myself"...Of course not!! Instead I need to fall at the throne of God and surrender ALL of me to Him...but this is far easier said than done , yet if I am to live life in the fullness that God intended it is what I must do. If I love God at all, it should the longing of my heart to draw near to him and serve him through totally surrender and denial of my selfish desires and thoughts...For His ways are higher than my own...Thus the question of what my purpose is, has become ratified becuase it is about denial of my sinfulness and self...Thus I am then able to run to Christ take up his burden and follow after Him, Without anything holding me back...