Sunday, June 29, 2008

Kimberly's Surprise 30th Birthday Party!!

She was so surprised and we had a great time on Friday night.

Here she comes!

Sarah, Kimberly, Kelly, Bridget, Brianna, and me

Hyde Park Blast

On Saturday I ran in the Hyde Park Blast
They were raising money to fight cancer.
It was a 4mile race up hills and down.
I feel like a did a good job and I finished which was really the main goal.
Here are some pictures from the day.

This is waiting for the race to start

About Half way around 2 miles

I am Done!!! Yeah!

I think the little girl beat me ;-)

Saturday, June 28, 2008


We went on a picnic last Saturday, and we had a great time together. Even if the the green grapes were sour and the sandwiches a little dry (We forgot to get some sort of condiment to put on the bead ;-)

On Friday Devin gave me these beautiful flowers. I felt so Loved by God because
these are my absolute favorite kind and Devin didn't even know that, yet he felt they were the ones to get me when he was in the store. I love how God can show his love though the lives of others. God truly cares about the little details!!!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Happy Father's Day!



I love You!

Direction-less I teary
Waiting for your Renown
Listen Oh, ears and hear the gentle peaceful sound
God's voice echoes through the canyon infinitely sweet
Joy comes rushing as river beneath my humbled feet
Stilled heart beats to listen; cooled soul soaks in the Truth
As hands quiver over ancient Words suddenly made anew:

"You are my witness," Declares the Lord, "and my servant whom I have chosen
that you may know and believe and understand that I am he."

So thou I teary blinded and unsure
I can be confident in His Sovereign Grace
and always rest assured, he has brought me to this place
to be the priceless feet who carry truth amongst the land

Crimson Rose of Calvary
Sent to die for Sin
Glory to Your Name on High
Redeemer With no end

Oh Lord, Open listless eyes of hostile man
May they see death and life in light of Your holiness
And make a choice for You oh Lord to be reconciled, Amen.

Sunday, June 08, 2008


A few weeks ago at small group we did an ice breaker which I thought was a great idea. We each had the opportunity to stand up in front of the group and simply say what we love until we exhausted our brain… So I have decided to write out some of my loves…

I love


My family, my job, my friends, my home, new roommate, warm water, a cool breeze, the ocean, creation, the body in all its uniqueness of how God knit me together, church, small group, the bible, journaling, writing, singing, dancing, painting, taking pictures, laughing,

I love

Deep conversations with people, talking about God (who he is and what he has done), worship, prayer, helping others see truth, listening, sharing insight,

I love

romantic comedies, camping, the sandlot, inspirational stories or movies, watching the stars, Sitting quietly for hours, the book of Isaiah, traveling, people, staying up late and sleeping in, a good cup of hot coco on a snowy day, chocolate, peanut butter, running, dreams, goals, being around people, baseball, football (watching), soccer (playing it)

I love

All the possibilities this life holds and the journey God takes me on each day