Sunday, July 20, 2008

On Monday nights I have the joy of watching
Devin play softball.
They won there 1st Game this week!!!
It was awesome!!!
Devin made some really great hits!!!

Just another picture of Devin and I

Some of the team and some of the fans after the game.

A little late, but this post is about July 4th:
I went to Brent and Bri's house for the holiday.
I had a great time we had a BBQ and watched the fire works from her back yard.
This is a picture of Bri and I at 2am!!!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Today I was looking back over some of my blogs and remembering the journey God has taken me on thus far in my life. It is truly amazing to see His continual faithfulness, passionate pursuit and love for me though both the calm and the storms. I stand in awe of God more so now because of what he has done, yet also because of who he is. God can give and take away for this world is his and all that is in it. Though I have nothing His name it to be praise as much as when his blessings are one me.

In Awe of You I stand
Given to me was the Lamb
His Blood Poured Out as a sacrifice
My gain cost Him his very life

In that alone I rejoice
For great reward is mine
Condemnation has been lifted
Freedom has set in

Rejoice oh my heart always
For Christ is my Own
I am his and he is mine
Forever he shall be on his eternal throne

Praise to the Lamb Above
Who was slain
Who is worthy to open the scroll and claim
His children from every tribe, nation and tongue
Give thanks to His Glorious name

Saturday, July 12, 2008


I am so glad you are my mom and what a blessing you are to me.
I wish I could be there on this day with you as you celebrate who God has formed you to be.

You are so beautiful
You are His daughter, His delight
You are an amazing Mother, caring and loving
You are a woman of compassion for others
You are a light to those around you
You are Redeemed by Christ
You are showered with Grace
You are wise, honest and lovely

I love you so much and I am so thankful to God for you!!!