Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Ring:

These are pictures of my ring that is coming in the next month or so.
I can't wait!! It is so beautiful!! I love it!! It also has so much meaning to it.
Both Devin and I are represented in it as well as Christ.

The two jewels on the sides are our birthstones garnet and amethyst.

I love how the sides look like a music note!!

Over a month in the making...
I know it has been far too long since the last blog....
So here are some fun pics from the last few weeks:

This was a sandwich I was eating and
we thought it looked really funny
thus here is the picture of it Devin was cutting of the hard ends of his hair so I helped
Put the ones he already did in a pony tail of sorts:
The results were Great ;-)
In this picture Devin was trying to do a "Michelle" look,
I am not sure if he captured it, but good effort

Yesterday I ran in the Black Squirrel Race it was a 5K (3.2miles). I did not do a personal best, but I did finish and it lets me know how much harder I will need to work for the Thanksgiving day race which is a 10K...BUT I did have Fun running it!!
Here I am confident before the race, it was a cloudy, cool morning Perfect for a run!

Getting Ready...
It looks like I am dancing..:-)
Waiting for the start...

I am DONE!! 32:50 not for improvement...
I gave Devin my participation medal so he could have the best supporter-ever medal...he worked hard for it, He took pictures and bought me water when I was finished along with words of encouragement!