Friday, June 16, 2006

Tormented in anguish
Locked away in silence
Wanting to scream
Is there a way out?

Sorrows mount
Tear flooded eyes
Shadows like blankets
Cover Her Face

How can the KING
Possible love her
With a heart so divided
Drenched with sin?

Dust and ashes mask her skin
Repent oh my soul within,
Though you are broken,
Laden with grief’s of your past

Repent and Live
Listen to the KING
As HE lifts your head up
To restore and wipe away tears

My beloved, you are mine
I love you, I am satisfied with you

I delight over you my daughter
Be still and hear my song for you, my precious one,

Though the pain you faced was real
And the grief you bear still very near your heart

Live not in sin using those sufferings as an excuse
Allow me to bring healing to your bleeding heart

I will be your source of strength, your voice, your defense
Continue to dwell in my presence and live life for ME

Sit at MY feet, look into my eyes and see the joy I have in you
Go out in My peace, render all things unto ME.


At 19/6/06 4:05 AM, Blogger Zoran said...

I just love your pictures and words. There's an artist in you.

At 20/6/06 5:36 AM, Anonymous Michelle said...



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